Dublin Boat House

 Rowing Crew Boat House

“Dan – The boat house is beautiful.
Splendid work –  Harold Keller”

The Dublin School’s Steele Rowing Crew Boat House is on Thorndike Pond in Dublin, NH, at the Boy Scout Camp Wanocksett, With 4,800 SF.set into a sloping hill it is accessible on two stories.

Like embracing arms, flanking the boat house on each side are two open sheds to house the Camp’s canoes.   The roof over these sheds follows the slope of the hill. It truly ‘fits’ the land.

  • The 2,400 SF lower level can accommodate 20 rowing shells, 4 rows of 5 boat high storage.  The length accommodates the 60 foot long 8 man shells.
  • The upper level Meeting Room has the fine exposed wood framing of an early summer cabin, yet with breadth allowed by modern trusses. The Meeting Room opens to a wide open porch facing the water to view the race finish.

The shingle styled building, with exposed wood framing of 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s posts with let-in bracing helps establish a period Camp look.

The sloped side roofs follow the grade down, in contrast to the flat water the skulls skim across.