Area 51 Building

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Area 51 Building

Chesterfield, NH

Area 51 building, and its context along Route 9, is a commercial building. It is to be a distinguished building, yet without the expense of a stone building. It is also to be a building built out of non-combustible materials, in this case a steel frame to accommodate the almost 65 foot wide structure.

Scully Architects designed the Chesterfield Library and made an extensive effort to find, to raise the extra funds, and to design the building around the iron rich granite of the Town Hall.

Rural character, including the visual impact of the proposal as seen from surrounding properties and arterial streets. The proposed plan will leave the steep slopes on the east, south and west sides undisturbed. This will provide a natural forested buffer from the adjacent properties.

Perched upon the hill, set somewhat back from the crest, the building’s entrance needs to have some visual impact, achieved with the canopy in the corner from which it can be seen from Route 9. Without the canopy, the building would have to be taller than its 17 foot height to be seen properly from Route 9.

The elevations consist of a commercial aluminum storefront system and a 4 foot x 10 foot fiber cement board, a prime component of the sustainable building materials movement. For an example, please see the Monadnock Food Co-op building in Keene utilizing a very similar wall system. The red wall color is classy and appropriate to the product.

We have included more than a 20 foot long stone sitting wall of the iron rich Chesterfield granite at the entry way. This will set the tone in the view from Route 9, upon the approach up the driveway, and at the entry courtyard with a touch of history.