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In 1996, the Drapers owned a log cabin on Lake Nubanusit in Hancock, NH.

In 2003 the Draper’s own four structures of sliced and diced logs, corrugated steel, and boulders.

The approach to the camp is a half-mile drive into the woods, during which the car bounces  between boulders like a pinball machine. Finally, framed between two tapered stone chimneys is a view to the lake.  This expansive view of the water is encircled by a new screened cabin, the new log studio, and a new metallic bedroom added to the original house.

The geometry comes from framing the views to the lake, especially at that emphatic moment at the end of the approach to the camp, when your eyes finally come to rest on lake. The discordant angle of the existing log storage shed next to the entry becomes the visual pearl that generates great sweeping gestures and lines converging off into the woods.