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Hancock Meeting House

Hancock Meeting House HANCOCK MEETING HOUSE, Hancock, New Hampshire The process started with a Historic Structures Report prepared by the Preservation Consultant Elizabeth Durfee Hengen. Working with the building committee Scully Architects helped develop an overall scope of work and prepared a PowerPoint presentation that explained the issues that needed to be tackled. Through a very inclusive process including the […]

Hancock Screen Porch

Hancock Screen Porch This screen porch is the tail at the end of a house, a bit of a warped plane of a wagging tail. The existing house has an almost 40 degree monolithic kitchen roof sloping East, a true product of a ’70s architecture imposing itself on an antique colonial structure. Our office redesigned […]

Dublin Boat House

 Rowing Crew Boat House “Dan – The boat house is beautiful. Splendid work –  Harold Keller” The Dublin School’s Steele Rowing Crew Boat House is on Thorndike Pond in Dublin, NH, at the Boy Scout Camp Wanocksett, With 4,800 SF.set into a sloping hill it is accessible on two stories. Like embracing arms, flanking the […]

Area 51 Fireworks Building

Area 51 Fireworks Building Chesterfield, NH Area 51 building, and its context along Route 9, is a commercial building. It is to be a distinguished building, yet without the expense of a stone building. It is also to be a building built out of non-combustible materials, in this case a steel frame to accommodate the […]


Draper In 1996, the Drapers owned a log cabin on Lake Nubanusit in Hancock, NH. In 2003 the Draper’s own four structures of sliced and diced logs, corrugated steel, and boulders. The approach to the camp is a half-mile drive into the woods, during which the car bounces  between boulders like a pinball machine. Finally, […]

Keene Ice

Keene Ice Keene, New Hampshire Keene Ice at 380 Marlborough Street is an existing big box warehouse, the portion between the Keene Department of Public Works and the Police Department. It is a very long building and to date the architectural treatment has been a mix of understated at the DPW and overstated at the […]

Piedra Fina Resturant

Piedra Fina Resturant Marlborough, NH For the past decade the owners of Piedra Fina have invested in the revitalization of Marlborough, NH, with an internet cafe, breakfast restaurant, a laundromat, several residential units and a hardware store. Now they have brought Latin cuisine to town. The renovation transformed a bulky old building along highway 101 […]


BARKER From the final paragraph of William Morgan’s Monadnock Summer book about Dublin: “…the house represents a kind of apogee of the Dublin summer house…the clients and the architect were able to combine several Dublin threads into a perfect coda for this book. Admirers of Charles Platt, the patrons desired something similar to the long […]


DUBLIN COTTAGE Excerpt From Art New England, October/November 2000, “Architecture,” by William Morgan Thayer’s cottage pays homage to Mt. Monadnock through its low-key aesthetic. “Making something look like it belongs there is something I like to do,” sums up Daniel Scully’s approach to his architecture. It also describes a cottage in Dublin, New Hampshire, that […]


Photography, Peter Clement  STONLEA Dublin, New Hampshire STONLEA today is the renovated confluence of Historic Preservation and Net-Zero Energy of an 1891 Peabody & Stearns cottage.  The house stretches out along a hill side directly facing Dublin Lake and Mount Monadnock in Dublin, New Hampshire. The compound was modernized to be a gathering place, as […]