Hunter Garden Apartment

Hunter Garden Apartment

Hunter Garden

We recently moved the owner of the Peterborough Community Theater building into an apartment upstairs, and she found she missed an outdoor space.

In furtherance of her commitment to live downtown, The owner asked for a design of a pergola with flower boxes. She also asked Michael Gordon, who has done very architectural gardens downtown in Peterborough, to work with us.

There are fairly traditional pergola forms and proportions.  There are also fairly traditional pergola problems- wood rot and frequent repainting. We used aluminum beams and posts to frame a traditional Pergola, rafter tails and all similar to wood construction, but with a more modern use of maintenance, rot, free materials. To enclose her outdoor tranquil space right next to parked cars, the flower boxes are high, and clad in aluminum as well to not be visually very heavy.

With the sense of enclosure from the pergola, and the flower boxes with a magic mix of plants and hedges to further define the space, she has created a private space and added more vegetation adjacent to a Peterborough parking lot.