Wyman Tavern

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Renovations and Restoration of the
Wyman Tavern

Keene, New Hampshire
Owned by the Historic Society of Cheshire County

The process started with a Master Plan for the Historical Society of Cheshire County that investigated three buildings; the Wyman Tavern, the Ball Mansion and the Bruder House all on Main Street in Keene, NH. One of the objective of the Master Plan, which was partially funded by a LCHIP grant, was to evaluate the Wyman Tavern and adjacent Carriage Sheds for use as a Cultural Resource Center. The master plan included; architectural as-built plans and exterior elevations, preliminary design site and floor plans, review of building codes, recommendations for achieving universal access to the Wyman Tavern, recommendations for treatment of character defining historic elements of building and construction cost estimates.

This lead to the current renovation and restoration project that includes; repairs to the exterior siding and decorative trim work, repainting the exterior of the building, repairs to the slate roof and flashings, brick repointing and repairs to the front porch. The project also include a historically sensitive installation of a platform lift to provide accessibility to
the first floor. New heating, cooling and electrical systems were carefully installed with minimal disturbance to the historic fabric of the building.