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Draper In 1996, the Drapers owned a log cabin on Lake Nubanusit in Hancock, NH. In 2003 the Draper’s own four structures of sliced and diced logs, corrugated steel, and boulders. The approach to the camp is a half-mile drive into the woods, during which the car bouncesĀ  between boulders like a pinball machine. Finally, […]


BARKER From the final paragraph of William Morgan’s Monadnock Summer book about Dublin: “…the house represents a kind of apogee of the Dublin summer house…the clients and the architect were able to combine several Dublin threads into a perfect coda for this book. Admirers of Charles Platt, the patrons desired something similar to the long […]


DUBLIN COTTAGE Excerpt From Art New England, October/November 2000, “Architecture,” by William Morgan Thayer’s cottage pays homage to Mt. Monadnock through its low-key aesthetic. “Making something look like it belongs there is something I like to do,” sums up Daniel Scully’s approach to his architecture. It also describes a cottage in Dublin, New Hampshire, that […]

Porter House

PORTER HOUSE AIANH 2008 This is a home with a special connection to the landscape and its primary view to MountMonadnock. One sees through the entry to the mountain beyond as you move toward the house, a gateway to the view. The fir canopy above the entry and the ramped brick path below draws one […]