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Reach Home

REACH HOME With high energy prices, low interest rates, and now two young kids, Demetrio & Tuwa went looking for a house. They realized nothing seemed to fit their life style- nothing seemed modern, modest, and energy efficient. Then they realized nothing began to even reflect their values, or supported their life style. One night […]

Brattleboro Art Museum

BRATTLEBORO ART MUSEUM Brattleboro, VT At a recent opening I felt a large need/opportunity for the Museum to engage further with the town, to make others aware of what life happens behind those stone walls. If you establish the space in front of the building as yours, those passing through will be more aware of […]

Delaware Art Museum

DELAWARE ART MUSEUM Wilmington, DE The 80,000 SF Delaware Art Museum is a treasure, filled with an unexpectedly extraordinary collection of 12,000 works of art. Their collection includes the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood, – including Rossetti, the seminal Ashcan School painter John Sloan, the illustrious illustrator Howard Pyle from the turn of the 19th century, and Winslow […]

The Fletcher School of International Diplomacy

THE FLETCHER SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY Abu Dhabi The Fletcher School of International Diplomacy (of Tuft’s University) requested a concept for a new campus in Abu Dhabi. The center consists of three buildings: The Sheikh Zayed Center for Global Affairs, an Academic & Library building, and Student Housing. The library and Student Housing flank the […]