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Shonk Residence

Shonk Residence Dublin, New Hampshire This renovation of a house lived in by the same family for generations is reflective of changing life styles. The original house was approached from the south on a difficult drive, and oriented toward Mount Monadnock to the south.  The renovation maintained the Monandock focus, while creating a more distinguished […]


Cohen Walpole, New Hampshire The old cape sits astride a raised swell in the land, a self-contained classic shape. To become a year round house, the cape was too confined a shape. A more contemporary 40’s like addition stretches out across the ridge top swell, evolving out from the cape and transforming into a form […]

Heid & Malina

Heid & Malina Albion, California Shingles Water Towers are iconic ally emblematic in Mendacino California. When repeat (Peterborough, NH and Mendacino County, CA) clients Heid & Malina asked for a new studio/guest house in the form of a water tower the budget quickly suggested a simple box structure, material & trimmed to look like a […]

Area 51 Fireworks Building

Area 51 Fireworks Building Chesterfield, NH Area 51 building, and its context along Route 9, is a commercial building. It is to be a distinguished building, yet without the expense of a stone building. It is also to be a building built out of non-combustible materials, in this case a steel frame to accommodate the […]